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Specialised Emergency Equipment

As business gears to ensure employee safety, it has become crucial to provide safety officers and relevant trained staff in the work place with additional needed emergency equipment. First aid online has developed and sourced a range of emergency equipment to enhance employee safety in the work place.

Below are the main additional products and equipment designed to enable continued employee safety.

Type Description

Emergency Trauma Kit

The kit consists of the following items for use in stabalising patients in the event of serious injury:
* Fibre glass spine board
* Harnesses
* Matress
* Head block stabliser
* Carry bag

R 3 999.95 excl VAT and delivery

Building Evacuation Bag

This kit enables the safety and fire marshalls to evaculate buildings and offices and treat injuries and burns.

R 4 895.95 excl VAT and delivery

Portable Oxygen Cylinder

Portable Oxygen Providing the following:

A portable oxygen cylinder for up to 3 hours of oxygen (on 2l/minute flow). Includes - a full cylinder, gauge, adult mask and carry bag

R 5 495.95 excl VAT and delivery

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